System Requirements

Here you get information about the system requirements of the software components Pulsar-Agent, Observer, Hacktor and Watchdog.

Pulsar Agent

The Pulsar Agent is very economical with hardware resources and has no special hardware requirements.
Operating System
1 GB
Outgoing: Port 80 resp. 443


The individual software components can be operated together on one system, but separate operation is recommended. In case of shared operation, the resources have to be doubled.
These are minimum requirements. Upgrade the instances with more power so that the software components have more performance reserves.
One observer with the specified resources can take over the monitoring of up to 50 endpoints. For endpoints, note the option to define parallel processing of endpoints. The default setting is "2". Depending on the performance reserves, you can adjust the setting down or up. You also have the option to assign multiple observers to the same region, so that the observers share the monitoring of the endpoints among themselves.
Consider also the options for the Configuration of the Hacktor software component, especially the possibility to increase the Number of parallel scans.
Operating System
Linux: Debian 9/10/11, CentOS 7/8, no Windows AMD64 and ARMv7/ARMv8
2 Core / 4 Cores (for shared operation)
2 GB / 4 GB (for shared operation)
Mass Storage
20 GB / 50 GB (for shared operation)
Outgoing: Port 80 resp. 443
Number of maximum processes (numproc)
Minimum: 20,000
Best practice: unlimited


Planning to run the Enginsight application on your own servers? All information about the system requirements of an On-Premises installation can be found here.