Licenses and organizations

Enginsight is multi-tenant capable. Regardless of whether you use Enginsight in the Enginsight Cloud (SaaS) as a partner or operate your own on-premises instance.

This opens up a wide range of possibilities for you:

  • Access the organizations of several customers with one account.

  • Get a central overview of all supported customers in the Asset Operation Center and Partner Operation Center.

  • Give your customers their own access.

  • Assign different authorizations to team members with a role concept.

The management of multiple organizations and their licenses differs depending on whether you use Enginsight On-Premises or the SaaS platform.


You can find out how to manage your licenses and organizations in the on-premises version of Enginsight here.


Before you can use Enginsight with all the benefits as a partner, we must activate your account as a partner account. We will do this immediately after the partnership has been contractually agreed.


What is an organization?

You can create multiple organizations with Enginsight. With one account, you can access as many organizations as you like without having to log in again. Each organization has its own platform with its own dashboard, monitored hosts, endpoints and so on. Each organization has its own licenses. This means that you book your own plans.

What is a main organization?

A main organization is an independent organization. Sub-organizations can be added to a main organization. In the Asset Operation Center and Partner Operation Center of a main organization, you can see the data of the main organization and all sub-organizations.

What is a sub-organization?

Sub-organizations are always linked to a main organization. It is not possible to create sub-organizations of sub-organizations. You can see the sub-organization data in the Asset Operation Center and Partner Operation Center of the associated main organization.

How do I switch between organizations?

To switch between organizations, click on the name of the organization you are currently in at the top right. An overview of all organizations to which you have access will open. To switch to the organization, click on the corresponding button for the desired organization. You do not need to log in again.

How do I create an organization?

You have two options for creating a new organization:

Create main organization

Click on the name of the organization you are in at the top right. The "Add new organization" button is located under the overview of all organizations to which you have access. Go to Settings → Organizations. Click on the "Create organization" button at the top right. A window will open. Define your new organization here.

Create sub-organization

Proceed as described under Create main organization and also check the "Linked customer organization" box in the window that opens.

How do I add team members to organizations?

Switch to the organization to which you want to add team members. Under Settings → Team members, you can add team members and assign roles to them. Find out more here.


In SaaS, you purchase a license by booking a plan. Separate licenses apply for each organization. This means that you book one plan per organization. Newly created organizations therefore do not initially have a booked plan. However, you can work with a small contingent for a test period of 14 days to try out Enginsight with the customer.

How do I book a plan?

You always book the plans for your organizations in the corresponding organization. Therefore, always switch to the organization for which you want to book a plan first. Go to Settings → Plans → Checkout.

Can I adjust my plan?

You can make adjustments to your booked plans at any time. Payments already made will be charged. To make adjustments, navigate to Settings → Plans → Manage subscription.

Where do I receive the invoices?

You will receive the invoices by email. You can also retrieve invoices in the relevant organization under Settings → Invoices. Who can book a plan and view invoices? Our role model defines which team members can view and book plans and retrieve invoices. In the predefined system roles, only owners have the right to view plans/invoices. If you give your customers their own access, make sure that they have administrator rights at most. If you create your own roles for your customers, simply waive the corresponding authorizations.

More information on roles at Enginsight.

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