An essential point in the context of a SIEM is the finely graded control of data access. Not all users necessarily need access to all information, and in some cases sensitive data such as personal information, confidential company data or even data protection-relevant content must be specially protected. This is where obfuscators come into play - an innovative method to specifically control data access within a SIEM and protect sensitive information from unauthorized access.

Create Obfuscators

To do this, navigate to Obfuscators and then select "Add Obfuscator". Assign a unique name as well as a description. Activate the obfuscation function by simply clicking on the corresponding button. Under "Allowed Members" enter the names of the persons who are authorized to view the data. Using the "Add Field" option, you can now define those specific fields that can only be viewed by the previously authorized persons. Add as many fields as you need and add additional explanations to each field if necessary. Finally, save the settings by clicking on "Add Obfuscator".

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