Enginsight SIEM (Security Information and Event Management) is a powerful software solution that collects comprehensive security information from multiple sources, analyzes it, and presents it in real-time or historically. From log data collection to accurate detection of suspicious activity, SIEM enables you to take a proactive approach to security monitoring and management.


  • Datalake Keep an eye on the totality of all logs at all times. Datalake offers you the possibility to centrally collect, normalize and standardize large amounts of security data from various sources. Create event streams using numerous filter variations and thus create the basis for optimal individualization of your SIEM.

  • Cockpit Create your own cockpits and gain comprehensive insight into the real security situation of your company. Real-time information about security incidents and threats helps you to keep the full picture at all times.

  • Obfuscators Protect even the most sensitive data within your SIEM thanks to obfuscation. Use obfuscators to make sensitive data accessible only to selected members of the organization and thus optimize your compliance.

  • Workflows Lay the foundation for even better detection of potential attacks. Correlate different protocols and shed light on the protocol jungle.

  • Incidents Keep track of critical event sequences. Identify the most relevant information about triggered workflows at a glance.

  • Extractors Stay up to date with our extractors. Improve your SIEM's detection and independently define new fields within your logs.

  • Collectors Learn what our collector types are all about and how to optimally configure them.

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