Learn how to use the Enginsight Searchbar most effectively.

Our searchbar is distributed over all modules in our platform. It is used in the host and endpoint overview, but also in audit reports, alerts and many other places. It always works according to the same principle, which combines a filter and search function.

So you can quickly find the desired entries no matter where.

Filter Results

Every place in the Enginsight platform where you find the searchbar is equipped with filters for the respective purpose. For example, your hosts can be filtered according to the installed operating system or whether they are currently accessible. In the audit reports of the pentetration test, you can filter by category and urgency. You can also filter assets (hosts, endpoints, inventory) according to the tags you have assigned.

The different filters offered can be combined. For example, you can filter for enabled hosts with a specific operating system. Or in a pentest-audit for critical vulnerabilities in the category "Encryption".

Just click into the searchbar. A drop-down menu will show you the corresponding filters.

In addition to the filters we have entered, you can also use the search bar to start a search for keywords you have chosen yourself. We call this a 'Custom Search'.

Just click in the search field and start typing. Confirm your input with the Enter key.

Custom search and filter can of course be used simultaneously. Restrict the selection with a filter first and search this selection again with your own keyword.

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