Run pentest

  1. To perform an automated pentest, the software component Hacktor must first be installed in the corresponding network segment on a Linux system. For this select Environments → Hacktors → 'Add hacktor' (above right) and follow the instructions of the platform.

  2. The second step is to define a Target Group. To create a Target Group, click on the menu item Target Groups under and on 'Add Target Group' in the upper right corner. Enter a name and a description. Click on 'Add Target Group' to save the Target Group.

  3. In a third step, you use a Audit Definiton to define which hacktor should attack which Target Group. For this purpose you select 'Create Template' under Templates in the upper right corner. Enter a name and a description. The option 'Recurring execution' allows you to plan future executions. Via 'Advanced Settings' you can switch on bruteforce tests. To add the template, click on the button 'Create Template'.

  4. From the overview of the created templates, you can start the penetration test. Simply press 'Start scan'.

  5. In the Audit Report you can view the results of the pentest performed.

Please note that a pentest may temporarily affect the availability of your system! You are only allowed to perform a pentest on your own systems. Violations can result in legal consequences.

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