If you already have created alerts and the scenarios have been triggered, you will see all irregularities here. Triggered alerts we call Issues. Here you can see at a glance which asset is affected, which alert it is and when it was created.

With the 'Searchbar' you can filter and search the Issues. By standard the filter is set to "Resolved: false". This means that only those issues will be displayed that still exist. You can also filter the alerts by their alert category or browse them using free text (Custom Search).

Click on 'Details' to display detailed information on the individual Issue.

Maintenance Periods

Under 'Maintenance periods' you can define periods in which no alerts are triggered.


Enable the Recurring option to have maintenance periods occur regularly at a specific time. You have the choice to repeat a period on a certain day of the week (Daily), a certain day of the month (Monthly) or to work with a cronjob (Custom).

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