Software Inventory

The software inventory lists all programs that the Pulsar agent has detected on a server or client. It therefore offers you on the one hand an overall view of software in use and on the other hand the possibility to search your hosts for specific software using the search bar.

You also want to inventory software that has not been installed with a regular installer? Enable Advanced Software Monitoring in the settings of the individual host or via the Policy Manager.

Assigned to the respective software, you are shown on which servers and clients the software is installed. You get an indication of the version and the source (e.g. regedit, pkg, dpkg) on the respective host. Click on a host to get to the software inventory of the respective host.

Export inventory

For documentation purposes or to transfer the data to another software, you can export the results as a list (.csv). There are two options available to you:

  • Export view: Create a list of the currently displayed software. Use this option, for example, to create a list of which servers and clients have a particular software installed.

  • Export everything: Create a list of the entire inventory. This option is especially important for documentation purposes.

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