Operation Centers

Operation Center

In the 'Operation Centers', Enginsight bundles what the individual software modules find out about your IT-infrastructure in meta-live views.

Asset Operation Center

The Asset Operation Center (AOC) gives you an overview of the assets you're monitoring with Enginsight, their availability and triggered alerts on the systems. The view is always up to the minute, so new problems pop up immediately.

A tiles view shows you all assets and if they are accessible to Enginsight. At the top are always those assets that are available. Assets for which an alert has been triggered, that is still active, are at the top. Depending on the alarm category you specify, critical conditions are displayed first, followed by warnings and informations.

Show Issues

Click on an Asset, a popup will show you an overview of all issues present or a confirmation that everything is fine, without leaving the 'Asset Operation Center'.

Customize View

With Filters you can modify the view, just click on the corresponding button above the Asset Overview. Let yourself:

  • output only Alerts of a certain category.

  • only show 'Hosts', 'Endpoints' or 'Observations'.

  • only show 'Online'- or 'Offline'-Assets

A slider gives you the possibility to adjust the size of each tile according to your preferences.

Fullscreen- Mode

You can display the Asset Operation Center in full screen. To do this, click on 'Fullscreen Mode'.

Assets of all Organizations

The 'Asset Operation Center' displays the Assets of all Organizations to which you have access. If you work with many sub-organizations, for example as an Enginsight partner, the Operation Center is of particular importance. The Organization to which an Asset belongs is indicated in each Asset-Tile.

Partner Operation Center

In the 'Partner Operation Center', partners receive an overview of all Sub-Organizations. In a live overview, current Issues for all organizations are listed as well as booked and used icenses.

For detailed information on the Issues listed, click on the organization.

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