You are new at Enginsight? Why don't you have a look at the Start Guide first to get a detailed explanation of the basic functions of Enginsight.

Here you will find a detailed explanation of the various areas and all functions of the Enginsight platform.

  • Dashboard Get a first overview of your systems in the dashboard. At Activities you will find the logging of all user actions. In addition, the Asset Operation Center, the Partner Operation Center and the Management View of the configurations are located here.

  • Issues Get a list of all triggered alerts. You can also define maintenance periods in which no alerts should be triggered.

  • Hosts (Pulsar-Agent) Monitor your servers and clients with the Pulsar-Agent permanently from inside. In addition to the classic monitoring, intrusion detection, software inventory and CVE scans are included.

  • Endpoints (Observer) Establish a security monitoring of your websites, IP addresses and domains with the Observer. For example, permanently scan for availability, SSL/TLS, DNS and CVE.

  • Observations Use the Watchdog to perform IP monitoring without rolling out an agent on your devices. Monitor availability with Ping-and Port-Checks or monitor network devices via SNMP.

  • Shield Define manual and dynamic rule sets to block network connections. This way, you establish a host-based intrusion prevention system (IPS) and can manage your network traffic.

  • Penetration Testing Use the Hacktor to perform fully automated penetration tests on individual assets or your entire IT infrastructure and audit yourself.

  • Discoveries Permanently scan your entire network with the Watchdog for new assets, take an inventory of your IT and create an automatic visualization.

  • SIEM With intuitive dashboards and easy-to-use tools, the SIEM gives you a comprehensive view of your entire security posture so you can quickly identify potential threats and take targeted countermeasures.

  • Alerts Set alerts on system events and be notified of anomalies or security incidents.

  • Settings Make personal settings. For example, add new team members or manage user roles.

Cross-plattform functions

  • Organisations Create multiple organisations and access them with a common account.

  • Tags Tags can be assigned to all assets across all modules, for example to switch an alert to multiple devices.

  • Searchbar Wherever data is presented in list form in Enginsight, you will find a search bar to search and filter the information.

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