2-Factor Authentication

Before Before enabling 2-factor authentication, set up your mailserver and test email configuration.

If you customize a configuration file on the application server, you must always run setup.sh afterwards. Only then will the settings be applied.

1. Open the configuration file.

nano /opt/enginsight/enterprise/conf/services/config.json

2. Set twoFactor to true.

    "twoFactor": {
      "enabled": true

3. Save the configuration file (Ctrl+o) and confirm the saving process. Close nano (Ctrl+x).

4. Navigate to /opt/enginsight/enterprise

cd /opt/enginsight/enterprise

5. Run setup.sh to make the changes apply.


6. If you only want to secure important functions with 2-factor authentication, you are done now. If you want to ask for the second factor when logging in, enable this in the settings directly in the Enginsight platform: Settings → Organisation → Advanced settings → Two-factor authentication for all team members.

7. You can learn how to use an Authenticator app here..

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