All features of the Enginsight solution at a glance. Enginsight is available as a standalone on-premises instance, SaaS Pro - Security and Monitoring unlimited or SaaS Small Business.

Prices and usage options at a glance

PricingSaaS SBSaaS ProOn-Pre,

Server license per month

from 9,90€

from 29,99€

on demand

Client license per month

from 2,80€

from 4,99€

on demand

Website/Webapp license per month

from 9,90€

from 9,99€

on demand

Penetration test license per month and customer

from 139,64€

from 139,64€

on demand

Addon G DATA EDR per month and server/client

from 1,66€

from 1,66€

on demand

Usage and quotaSaaS SBSaaS ProOn-Prem

Number of installable server agents



Number of installable client agents



Number of manageable web pages



Platform functions

FunctionSaaS SBSaaS ProOn-Prem

Cross Platform Compatibility

(Windows, Linux, MacOS)


Switch alerts to deviations and safety events

Alert notification via email, SMS, Slack, Mattermost, Microsoft Teams

Group assets with tags

Unlimited number of team members

Role concept incl. user-defined roles

Logging of user activities

Subordinate clients

SIEM - Security Information and Event Management

FunctionSaaS SBSaaS ProOn-Prem

Log Collection - IT-Assets, Applications and Cloud

Log Analyse und Event Correlation

Log Forensics

Log Retention

Daten Normalisierung

Hersteller Vorlagen

Managed Event-Streams

Individual Extractors

Vulnerability Management

FunctionSaaS SBSaaS ProOn-Prem

CVE Dashboard (Cockpit)

BSI warning about found CVEs

CVE Database

CVE recommendations for countermeasures

CVE Whitebox Scan and Monitoring

CVE Greybox Network Scan

CVE Blackbox Network Scan

CVE Website Scan and Monitoring

CVE alerting by criticality

Manage and automate updates

Configuration Management

Intrusion Detection und Prevention (IDS/IPS)

FunctionSaaS SBSaaS ProOn-Prem

Host based attack detection (IDS) detection

Host based blocking of attacks (IPS) response

Logging of all attacks and classification by severity

Live visualization of attacks

Definition of detection levels according to protection needs

Definition of blocking levels according to protection needs

Define whitelists


FunctionSaaS SBSaaS ProOn-Prem

Software defined groupings of IT assets

Management of East-West data traffic according to the Zero Trust principle

Isolation of devices and device groups

Implementation of use case-specific IT security guidelines

File Integrity Monitoring

FunctionSaaS SBSaaS ProOn-Prem

Logging of all accesses

Alerting after unauthorized access

Provision of managed rules

Definition of individual sets of rules

Automated penetration testing

FunctionSaaS SBSaaS ProOn-Prem

Scan of single IP-addresses

Scan of Websites

Information Gathering (Footprinting of the target systems)

Service Bruteforce (Check for insecure credentials)

Service Discovery (Specific checks of services for misconfigurations)

Clear evaluation of audits

Automated recurring scans

Send PDF-reports by e-mail

Store own password list

Extend vectors with custom scripts

Define asset inventory, IP addresses or endpoints as target systems

Website monitoring

FunctionSaaS SBSaaS ProOn-Prem


TLS validation according to BSI TR-03116-4


HTTP-Header Security Check


Footprinting of the application environment

IT monitoring (with agent)

FunctionSaaS SBSaaS ProOn-Prem

Availability monitoring: CPU, RAM, SWAP, network, hard disks

Monitoring of any data

Monitor metrics with machine learning

Monitor Autostarts

Monitor services

Monitor ports

Monitor processes

System log monitoring

IT monitoring (without agent)

FunctionSaaS SBSaaS ProOn-Prem




Upload own MIBs

IT inventory

FunctionSaaS SBSaaS ProOn-Prem

Permanent monitoring of the network according to its participants

Interactive asset map

Agent based inventory


FunctionSaaS SBSaaS ProOn-Prem

Add your own scripts as plugins

Autonomous response to system events

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